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Make and model: Volkswagen Caddy MAXI Kiirabi
Type: passenger car
Bodytype: minivan
First registration: 07/2009
Color: white
Mileage: 177,000 km
Price: EUR 4750
VAT 0%
Number of doors: 5
Seats: 3
Engine: 1.9 TDI (77 kW)
Drive shaft: front-wheel drive
Transmission: manual
Fuel: diesel
Fuel consumption on a freeway: 4.4 (l/100 km)
Average fuel consumption: 5.4 (l/100 km)
Fuel consumption in a city: 6 (l/100 km)
Equipment: air conditioner, power steering, ABS brakes, airbag, immobilizer, fog lights, winter tires (all season tires), dust shields, steering wheel adjustment, speakers, textile upholstery, cruise control, rear window heating
Other: Brought from: France
Location of a vehicle: Tallinn, Estonia

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K├Áikidel autodel kiirabi varustus !!! K├Áikidel autodel kiirabi varustus !!!
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