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Make and model: Opel Corsa Edition 17 Sport
Type: passenger car
Bodytype: hatchback
First registration: 03/2012
Color: red
Mileage: 89,000 km
Price: EUR 4999
VAT 0%
Number of doors: 5
Seats: 5
Engine: 1.4 (64 kW)
Base curb weight: 1199 kg
Gross vehicle weight rating: 1640 kg
Load carring capacity: 441 kg
Wheelbase: 2511 mm
Drive shaft: front-wheel drive
Transmission: manual
Max speed: 173 km/h
Fuel: petrol
Length x Width x Height: 3999 x 1737 x 1488 (mm)
Equipment: air conditioner, power steering, central locking (with remote control), ABS brakes, airbag, immobilizer, summer tires, light alloy wheels, steering wheel adjustment, multifunctional steering wheel, heated steering wheel, car stereo (CD, MP3, with USB interface, with memory card interface, with remote control), speakers, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, DVD, screen, navigation system, onboard computer, textile upholstery, seat heating, power windows, tinted windows, cruise control, rear window heating
Other: Registered in Estonia, inspection valid until 05.2021
Brought from: Germany
Location of a vehicle: Tallinn, Estonia

Vehicle exchange
Contact: Dalinger Auto
+3725127777 , +37255511195, 671 9129
Kadaka tee 185C, Tallinn
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